au ISW12HT EVO 3D S-OFF作業に光明が・・・

お馴染み XDAのDevelopersサイトにてEVO 3D CDMA方式用( This is for CDMA phones only! と書かれている)のS-OFF方法が記載されている。




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■EVO 3D(ISW12HT) S-OFF 方法(所謂BootloaderUnlock方法)

1.) Take your 2.17 ZIP image, put it on the root of your SDCard, call it

2.) With the phone on Battery power alone, Reboot to BootLoader, let it detect the zip and read and get to the point where it wants you to press Vol-Up to update.


4.) Pull off the battery cover (careful not to let the battery fall out) and plug the device into AC power. (HTC Power charger, other chargers have been known not to work for this, the reason for this is that the HTC's power adapters output more power than the standard ones.)

5.) Pull the battery out. (The device should stay on, if it doesn't, start over and try again) Also, leave the battery out through the REST OF THIS GUIDE until told to put it back in.

6.) Here's the tricky part, Read this a couple times, be ready to pull the ac cable out at the right time... press the vol up key in, Give it approximately 5 seconds from the START of it saying the word "Updating" next to Bootloader (The very first one it flashes) Then Pull the charger cord promptly, and plug it right back in, if this worked right, you'll see the red charge light be VERY(VERY VERY) DIM, and it should stay solid for the most part. (See the FAQ in post 2 for more info on this step, if you're having issues.)

The device is now bricked and ready for the next part.

VIDEO OF STEP 2 (Removed for now, it's outdated)

The next step is the linux part. Do not plug your phone in to the linux box until you are told to do so. Very important.

1.) Boot up to Linux (I used Ubuntu, but I am guessing that any Linux OS will work)

2.) Extract your file to the linux PC, Home folder is the best spot and is the easiest to work with.

3.) Open up Terminal, gain root, (su, or sudo -s)(give it your password)

4.) Run the command chmod 755 downgrade (if it's not in your home folder, add the full path to it)

5.) Type ./downgrade and press Enter.

To Be Continue



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